Properties of plastic rolling bearings

  • run lubrication- and maintenance-free (dry-running)

  • have little or no magnetism

  • can be designes to be electrically insulating or electrically conductive as required

  • have a high specific strength
    • weight reduction of up to 80 % compared to steel
    • vacuum and pressure suitable
    • high wear and fatigue resistance

  • have a low coefficient of friction and therefore a low starting torque

  • have high resistance to acids and alkalis (chemical structure)

  • made of high performance plastics (PEEK/PI...) are
    temperature resistant up to more than 250 °C

  • have a low creep tendency and thus a high dimensional accuracy over the entire service life

  • are free of metallic components depending on the version

  • are conditionally loadable, the stat. / dyn. load / speed below steel bearings


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