Axial and radial ball bearing

The axial-radial ball bearing can support axial and radial forces simultaneously.
It has a high load capacity and runs maintenance and lubrication-free. The ball bearing is resistant to acids and alkalis and has a low coefficient of friction.

If high-performance plastics are selected, such as PEEK, the axial-radial ball bearing can be used in temperature ranges up to over 200°C. The axial-radial ball bearing can be used for a wide range of applications.
Due to the space-saving design resulting from the combination of both bearings (axial and radial bearings), the bearing is suitable even for limited installation conditions at bearing positions.

Due to the free design possibilities of the axial-radial ball bearings, they can be designed customer-specific or application-specific. For example, the requirement of increased load absorption can be realized by using cylindrical rollers in the radial area of the bearing.

Axial-radial ball bearings from SMG are up to 70 percent lighter than comparable steel ball bearings.

Please see our product template for thrust and radial ball bearing.


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