Special ball bearing

Special ball bearings differ from the standard portfolio in their dimensions, geometries and materials and are manufactured to costumer specifications in accordance with the respective application.

  • Deviation from standard inner and/or outer ring dimensions, such as a wider inner ring than outer ring, or deviations in diameter.

  • Integration of peripheral components into the outer ring possible, e.g. attachment of a toothing

  • Integration of further components, for example an RFID chip

  • Design of two-row and multi-row ball bearings to increase static/dyn. load carrying capacity

  • Use of plastics with appropriate additives, for example to increase UV resistance

  • Use of high-performance plastics, such as polyetheretherketone (PEEK) or polyimide (PI), for example for use in a higher temperature range

  • Selection of the appropriate plastic and other ball bearing components, e. g. for use in a radiation area


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